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Magic Leone's Course What Men Like In Women PDF download. Feel free to share this ebook with your friends on Facebook! Dating in the modern day world is hard. It’s constant mind games, not wanting to seem “needy”, leaving things unsaid and then complaining to your girls that you don’t know what’s going on and never defining what you are, heaven forbid you seem too keen. These days it’s tinder, friends with benefits, one night stands and oh, the occasional date. “What are we?” That’s a question you should never ask because you’re called needy and no one likes a needy girl. “Want to go on a date?” Woah now that’s a little heavy, lets just hang out. Conversations now have to be carefully put together, hours spent agonising over how you phrase a message, because god knows you don’t want them to think you’re too into ‘it’. Whatever the hell ‘it’ even is. It’s not answering a message straight away.It’s not double texting or starting the conversation after you instigated it the day before. It’s falling asleep with your make up on to look good in snapchats. It’s telling your friends “there’s this guy, he’s taking me out for a drink” and then saying “never mind” two weeks later because it’s too hard to try be interested but not too interested and he won’t give you a straight answer. It’s trying to navigate a minefield blindfolded and getting blown sky high every time you get too close to someone because telling them how you feel about them is too much. It’s wondering how your friends got so lucky to have the partners they have. It’s being happy for them. It’s ignoring all of the modern bullshit and asking the questions they don’t want to answer anyway. It’s doing it all over again.