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Wagging For Life aging dog vitality course full download by Carrie Smith. Feel free to share this PDF guide with your friends on Facebook! Small dogs like chihuahuas and corgis benefit greatly from a protective coat or sweater during cold weather. Because their legs are short, their bellies are more apt to touch the cold ground or brush against high curbs or rub against cold, wet snow. The same is true of short-haired breeds like greyhounds, terriers, and Basenjis. These breeds don’t have as much fur as long-haired, thick, or shaggy breeds, and the added warmth of a dog coat will help keep them dry and healthy. Also, older dogs with weakened immune systems and achy hips and joints will love the extra layer that helps them maintain their body temperature when venturing outdoors. If your dog is a fashion hound, they’ll want more than one coat. Their fashion choices, like yours, maybe dictated by more than outside temps. Choose outerwear for your dog that fits well. That’s a key to providing maximum protection. The dog sweater or dog coat should be snug but not tight, leave your pet's legs free to romp and roam, and allow your pet to relieve himself in his normal manner. Make sure to choose one that is easy to put on and take off. That will just make dressing and undressing your fur baby easier and more fun for both of you.