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Vegan Warrior  - The Meatless Spartan PDF eBook full download. It’s hard not to be that angry-preachy vegan when you try to address an issue as being serious and get laughter and belittlement in return. Yeah, you’re supposed to rise above and be the bigger person, but it hurts and is frustrating when you care so much about something that you make it a point to live by a certain set of standards, and are looked at as a complete (pussy) joke. I used to eat animals and their products but it was only until I knew the true cost of my actions. Once I realized how much I was harming Life, it hurt my heart too much to continue. I stopped eating meat for the animals, and then I watched Cowspiracy and stopped eating their products for the environment (plus it’s cancerous). What I can’t seem to wrap my head around are people who see these atrocities, know that animals feel the same as we do, yet continue to do harm without any feelings of remorse. I’ve debated that they are too comfortable and lazy to make a change, but I don’t think that’s ending factor. I’ve thought that maybe it is due to systematic brainwashing and desensitization, but again, how can that be the ending factor either?