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Unlock Your Glutes pdf book download by Brian Klepacki. At the gym I primarily do weights as a means of exhausting my glycogen stores. I don’t focus on one particular area, instead trying to max everything out. I’ve adjusted this to be about 60-70% lower body and 30% upper for the purposes of being ski-ready though. My current leg/glute routine includes: 1)Sleds (pictured above) – they’re so fun! It’s fairly forgiving and it’s a good way to feel a burn really quickly. I usually do maybe 5-6 rounds of this running down and back. More if I start with these. After that I’m exhausted; 2)Deadlifts – I’m really dreadful at traditional deadlifts so I use a Hex bar so as not to put as much strain on my back. I find it also helps me isolate my glutes a little better. This is my favourite all around exercise.