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The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers 2016 (7th edition) aka Job Interview Answers 2016 7th Ed. reviews & free download (.pdf). Just a little inside about me for a second. I am a 19 year old college student. Fortunately, I live with my sister without having to pay anything( I am a couponer, so that’s how I repay her). I just moved up here to the DC area and I actually like it. My goal was to start my own business online. However, many things came to my realization. So, let me tell you why I have to get me a part time retail job. It takes money to make money. Yes, blogging is free. But, if I want to make blogging, vlogging, and Etsy my career then I have to invest into it! Making $7.25 an hour part time isn’t a lot but it definitely pays for a lot of investments until my blog can start investing for it’s self. I need some type of income before my career takes off. Making $600-$700 a month and you only have $175 in bills is pretty awesome. I handle my bills and can relax. Since blogging takes time and money, I’m not expecting to make my first $1,000 in about 6 months to a year! I have to invest and build a decent following before I start doing things all willy nilly. I want to make sure I am delivering the best I can. Put money into savings. You are putting money into savings on minimum wage AND part-time job? How would you live? I have the benefits of my loving sister stay with me and she wants me to be successful in life as she is herself. I decided that I was going to put AT LEAST 10% of each check into my savings. I want to make this a habit and learn how to survive on as little as possible. This is because once I make more money, I want to have it as a natural habit. Plus, 10% isn’t even a lot when its coming from $600-$700 a month income.