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TubeLoom Blueprint by Charlotte White free download (.pdf). Half way through our plans, everything gets blown up. What should we do then? We go back to the drawing boards. In a war scenario, soldiers pull back for new strategies, they don’t give up because they have been ambushed! And you must have the same mind-set towards your finances. If you have slipped off the financial tracks, this is how to get back on. Re acquaint yourself with your financial goals. You planned to save X amount of money so that you could invest 20 percent in stocks, 40 percent in real estate and so on. Remember that when setting a financial goal, having a mission statement is key because then you realize that your sacrifices are adding up to something more rewarding. Reacquainting yourself with the mission would provide the impetus to get back on. Furthermore, ask yourself, whether or not you could still meet up the financial goals you had set, despite the setback. If you can, set up a new plan, if you can’t, set new financial goals. Although, setting a new savings plan at such a point would mean that you have to deny yourself even more luxuries, remember that your sacrifices are for a greater good. Roll back on your new spending habits. A financial diet is really like a weightless diet, the moment you slip, you let go. Cut back on spending once again and revisit your strategies for saving. Revisit what derailed you. Review those events that led to you slipping off. For example, if you had to spend money due to a medical emergency, then you should include such emergencies in future plans for saving. Or if you had to spend money supporting a friend’s wedding or whatever else that seemed like a waste of money to you (because you are a bloody cheapie, like I am), figure out if that friendship is really worth your finances. If that friendship is a good one, then (believe it or not) you spent right. If that friendship is not beneficial to you, it is not worth your finances. That is all guys. There are some things you start right away. Don’t start tomorrow, no matter how far you are from where you want to be. Last month, I had to spend a lot more than I had budgeted. I could have kept the spending spree going or scheduled the start of a new week to get back on track but I adjusted myself there and then. Because it is not about what day you decide to start, or how aligned you are psychologically, it is all about the maths: the more you spend, the less savings you have.