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The ZOX Pro Training System aka ZOX Brain Management free download. When I was teaching I always heard, "I can't meditate, my mind is just all over the place." This great article really simplifies how your brain works, how meditation can help and the science to back it up. "Mind all over the place..." Right. That's what your brain is designed to do, neurons fire, thoughts are produced...doesn't mean they're even real or true thoughts, just your brain doing what it does. Which is too bad because when we let it get out of control we actually start to believe some of these crazy, random thoughts. Psychology and yoga/meditation are so related in that way! I use to tell my students even if you don't believe in the hippy, dippy, happy yogi stuff, believe in what psychology and neuroscientists have proven again and again. They key is to train your brain...very simple but requires actually doing it. CE on my club stories: wrote down all interesting pieces. Many will b unique cause my KungFu dancing. Promise it will b like dj music pumped up every second! There will b 2 parts. One is on club excitement. 2nd is Brain Training conquer the World. Now need to decide how to end part 1 to get greatest results but also give a hint on part 2? Part 2 can have solve Trump's mental illness as to win the election. Cure Britney's depression. Defeat ISIS attempt to attack European club. Etc. Expand it into Happy US nd Happy World. This will b a love story: 2 of us leading the World to fight against the evils. A story without real things is not real. I have to make many pieces happen to make the story real/fascinating. Also there r two ways to tell the stories: 1 is like teaching karat kid. 2. State the happenings.