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Mark Pescetti's PDF book 'The Wealth Compass' full version download. Feel free to read this book today! Is success a stunning yacht in blue water, or is it much more personal than that? No one can truly give a universal definition of success, for that reason, we are all unique beings capable of holding dear one meaning above another. I cannot define success for anyone else – as it is, I’m struggling, still, to define it for myself. In an attempt at defining it, I’d say success is a state of mind, rich with feelings of self-actualization. A state of the agency, where one has means to attain their desires or indeed has attained their desires. But as desires are often fickle in nature, what counts as success in day one, often slides into normalcy over a period of time. Take, for example, your first job straight out of university, now that smacks of success, especially if said job was acquired at the height of the credit crisis where paucity of good jobs was the order of the day.