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The Ultimate Guide To Potty Training book by Jan Harmon free download (.pdf). So last night at the store, Nora picked out her potty training treat: candy corn and pumpkins. One bag of each. This morning she woke up before 7 and we started bright and early on it. After her little fatass ate, she wanted to take a nap. She, of course, woke back up before I did and decided she was gonna share her good fortune and yummy potty training treats with the dogs. The entire contents, mind you. So mommy got to spend the day fighting the two-foot terrorist to potty train, with no treats, while cleaning up orange puke from two tiny pea brains who don't have the mental capacity to realize that candy is no Bueno for their bellies. The amount of laundry and shampooing and sanitizing and mopping I did today was unimaginable. The good news is, Nora didn't have one accident, and just about every time I had to clean up orange gooey dog puke, she said "sorry mom. Sorry." To say I didn't sign up for this shit, would be an extreme understatement at the moment. Single parenting SUCKS. Back to my pity party of one! Jan Harmon's ebook The Ultimate Guide To Potty Training!