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The Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim eBook free download (.pdf). The basic, stated premise of vaccines is to create a chronic, sub acute infection that will last a lifetime. Of course, it is stated in the reverse: to create a lifetime immune response. But how could we have a lifetime immune response without a lifetime infection? Many of the chemicals in the vaccines are known toxins, recognized for their ill effects on health. Many of them are even put in the vaccines specifically to instigate increased immune response: ie: to make infant children more ill. While obviously not everybody who gets vaccinated develops full blown autism, many of the epidemics children suffer from today can be logically traced to chemical toxicity. Remember, half the children in the United States are now considered chronically ill and on powerful medications they are told they will need for the rest of their lives. Medications known to deplete liver and kidney function, leading to increased illness and need for intervention. These are medications and illnesses that did not exist two generations ago. Furthermore, many of the chronic diseases adults suffer from are what we can expect as a result of chemical toxicity and lifetime, sub acute viral infections. Just imagine what this generation of children will be like, having grown up on engineered chemicals. To state that there is no scientific evidence for this is to show a gross misunderstanding of science. Except in obvious cases it is very difficult if not impossible to trace these lifetime immune responses to specific toxins or even, in many cases to specific living pathogens. Because of the engineered nature of these pathogens and toxins the body does not have a natural, healthy, mediated response. Instead the immune system just kicks everything up a few notches in a terrified response, the way a young child would respond to an attack by an experienced martial artist. In the case of children developing autism within hours of being injected with a horrendous soup of viruses and chemicals, any good clinician will rely primarily on the story. We always get the best information from the story and only use tests to confirm our suspicions. (I can't speak for all the bad clinicians whose patients never recover.) That being said, I am sure these substances show up in blood tests. After all, they were only injected a few hours previous. There is no more substantive link possible than this. Is this part of some grand scheme? Is the idea to ensure future profits through creating lifetime illnesses in young children? I cannot say. But the results speak for themselves.