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The Thin Within book by Muz Hughes free download (.pdf). Respect your body & health; respect there is no separation between body & mind; respect the connection your body has to your soul. You can be a powerful force in this world without physical activity: Stephen Hawking anyone? The mind is a powerful thing, but you certainly aren’t reaching your full potential if you don’t challenge the body with the mind. Exercise in a modern world is so important because we have become so far removed from our place in nature, we don’t get to release a lot of our primal energy; the same energy that gave our ancestors the spirit & will to survive things like younger drias (final stage of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago). Can you imagine surviving an ice age with no modern tech or concveiances? Can you imagine the adversity our ancestors faced during one of the largest extinction level events in recent history; really think about how much spirit, ingenuity & will it must have taken. While megafauna like mastodons, American lions, saber tooth tigers, giant beavers, american camels, dire wolves, short faced bears, American Cheetahs & horses all saw an end to their story, our ancestors somehow kept our genetic identity surivable in such hostile conditions. All that adversity to get us here today. What are you doing with your body now? Can you honestly say your living up to the legacy of our incredible ancestors? I know I’m not, but I’m trying damn hard. Personally, It’s not okay to just get by in this experience. Exercise & meditation has brought my soul to a place where I feel that same obligation our ancestors felt: survive, thrive & leave a better world. We have definitely survived but our measure of thriving is measured in money & commercial goods. My measure is different; thriving is a balanced state of environmental stress, (exercise, hunting, hiking, etc..) connections to people & your ability to bring mind/body/soul to the present, letting the true light from soul express with the worry of judgment or condemnation. We owe it to the next generations, to show them what it means to be human, to be alive, to live, to be passionate, to connect with themselves & others, to really feel the divine energy capsulated somewhere between the flesh, blood & bones; our survival depends on it.