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The Pharaoh Code eBook full download in PDF format. In a flash nine (9) months have come and gone this year. Yes, it’s October already. While some spent these months working on different tasks – from studying to building businesses, writing books, and a host of other things, others are totally unaware of how much time has gone this year and haven’t done anything meaningful. From the very first week of the year I’d been publishing each week on this blog (except for the months of June and July when I fell ill), to cap it all, during the month of September, I wrote and published one blog post each day. Although that exercise was truly rewarding as I’ve witnessed significant improvement in my writing, made a lot of friends, and had some real fun, I’ve decided to take a break. No, not from writing every day (I can’t survive that), but from publishing daily. So I would place myself on the list of those who have done meaningful work. However, it is sad to know that it is yet to dawn on some people that the year has been far spent and there’s less than a quarter to go.