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The Penis Master PDF ebook download by Rafael Cruz. Feel free to read this guide and don't forget to share the book with your friends on Facebook! As they dressed later after another round of mind-blowing sex that had included Sarah’s first anal experience they chatted amiably about the weather and other mundane things. Sarah freshened her hair and make up, although she still looked quite fu..ble to Geoff and it was all he could not to bend her over the dining room table for a quickie. “Oh the hell with it”, he muttered. He grabbed Sarah by the waist and pushed her to the table where he flipped up her skirt. She yanked her panties to her knees as he unzipped his pants and within moment they were fucking again, her breasts being pushed into the table, his hips grinding against hers. It took just moments for both of them to orgasm and then put themselves back together so they could leave for the bar that Sarah wanted to go to.