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The PaleoHacks Cookbook eBook free download (.pdf). Hi Everyone, This post took ages, but I finally got it together! September marks 2 years following the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle. In the post, I outline all the various health issues we were confronting back in 2014, the healing that's taken place, how long it took, and where we're at now. It's a long post, so I've broken it up with sub headings and bullets so you can skim through to find your areas of interest. Hope it inspires, and please share with anyone who might find it useful! So I'm on day 4 of a paleo diet. No sugar, no wheat, no grain, no dairy, no artificial anything. I have never in my life said no to sweets or sugar. Those who know me, know that I love chocolate & sweets (take after my migi) .. Today I woke up feeling like I had the flu, really weak and so wiped out. My body is definitely going through a detox & I'm so glad!! I was able to shrug that ill feeling off with green tea, coconut water & a solid breakfast. Thanks to my husband for challenging me to go against the grain. He's hardcore!! He's working out too. I'm just eating super healthy- for 30 days and see how it feels after that. Today.. I crave... Chocolate chip cookies! But instead my husband made this moose meat stew over cauliflower rice and it was truly one of my most fave meals ever!!