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The Osiris Method - Ultimate Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide free download (.pdf). As far as I know I haven't seen anyone post this yet. Anybody else aware of this? Blizzard gave them the go ahead to do it. Their indiegogo raised quite a bit on it. Looks like you you need SC2 to play it. Starcraft universe as a MMORPG. Looks bretty gud. Myself I've been burnt out on the Warcraft universe, the Diablo franchise was always my favorite but D3 I got burnt out on as well, though the newer patches have made it more playable. I've been wanting blizzard to do a diablo-esque kind of game with the MMO factors of Warcraft but in the star craft universe. This seems like it's answered my prayers for so many years. like I said blizzard backed this. I'm super stoked looks like it could be pretty fun.