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The Organized Mind book by Marie Kondo free download (.pdf). 

While it is crucial and important to develop awareness of the body, and beneficial alignment, how much are we aware of our mind during the practice? Not only the fact that we are thinking while in a posture, but more importantly – the quality of our thoughts which show us the state of our mind if we are able to become aware of it objectively through meditation. In the physical practice of yoga, we put ourselves into all sorts of shapes and positions. These postures and how we achieve them help us to notice not only the tightness in our bodies but also the tightness in our minds. The postures were designed to not only make the body limber and healthy but ultimately to calm and center the mind, to entice it to join a higher state of awareness – what we refer to in the beginning as meditation. First we need to bring the attitude of awareness and the quality of curiosity about ourselves into our practice. Once we are able to become more aware of the body, the next step is to become aware of how we are breathing in a posture and the next step is to become aware of the quality of our mental state in the posture. You can go backwards too. Either way we come to the same place: 1: awareness of physical posture  2: awareness of breath. 3: awareness of mental state..