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The Oldest System on the Planet Ebook by Mike Lane risk free download (.pdf). Morning all, just a quick post. Had a few new members join yesterday so welcome to u all. Basically as u can see it's only a small group but a lot of sports/betting are used in here, wether it's horses, football or sports like darts, rugby league to things like betfair trading we have someone who's posted about them. We don't have many rules, just be pleasant to fellow members. Feel free to post your own bets/fancies etc, share your winning slips, obviously we would all love u to share them before winning but we ain't gonna boot u out for it lol. Most of all we are here to have a laugh and make some money from the bookies. This is America. Who cares though, right? I mean it keeps happening and more than half of America still doesn't give a flying hoot. America is perfectly happy waging a horse bet and then blaming politicians for being corrupt when it's bred to the bone in most every businessman in america. I mean look at him, he doesn't even recognize how immoral what he does is, he doesn't care, heck he probably even goes to church and gives speeches about being moral. This is why when people tell me how I should work hard and 'compromise' with the devil I just let out a guttural guffaw where my mouth is wide and spit sprays unhindered. America isn't great, america is just as sleaze as every other slimy country on the map, 'surviving'. even if Sen Warren slam dunks his blind ass in jail 100 more, even more slimy and resilient to moral interest will just take his place, people want war they don't want a fair peace of pie. Humanity like this, sucks, and it isn't going to change. Download now The Oldest System on the Planet PDF!