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The Manifestation Power ebook by James Smith free download (.pdf). Everybody wants to be happy and love to be around happy people. Being happy and in happy environments bring good feeling that can likened to nothing.


Since cars, women, and even money are not particularly the source of happiness, one wonders how best to be and stay happy. The law of attraction is a good explanation of how happiness can be gotten using our thoughts and emotions. An effective application of the law helps in the creation of a happier state of mind and environment as happy people are easily attracted.


The simple logic here is that one needs to be happy in order to attract happy people and maintain the happiness. This sounds easier than it actually is especially as many people find it difficult to act happy not to talk of being happy or staying happy. It is not magical for happy people to have lots of friends; it is only the law of attraction taking its course.


Happy people are open-minded and many people find them easy to approach and relate with. The direct opposite is applicable with people that are almost always sad and angry.