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Tom Anderson's The Last Man Standing PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your followers on Twitter. The burnt ground still bore the traces of the ashes and many lifeless grasses still kept clinging to it as if it would give them their life back. The bare lifeless tree stood in the middle of the black and yellow ground under the unhospitable smoggy sky, and it rather looked like a twisted and knotty stump hit into the ground as part of a camouflage maneuver. As if magically, a few grasses were sprouting up from under the black and yellow earth. The scarce bushes and the only green tree on the background gave this landscape at least some semblance of life. Right now, things are difficult for me. Mentally I struggle to cope with big groups. Where I once was able to just be loud and not give a crap about what I did or said in front of strangers. Now I completely freeze, shut off, and feel extremely emotional.