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Amanda Walters's The Golden Magnet PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Because talking about removing yourself (emotionally) from a relationship is the most fun I think I could ever have on a weekday. First, let me mention how incredibly grateful I am to those of you who have responded to me and this blog. I didn’t have a goal when I started writing, and I certainly didn’t expect people to receive it the way they have. I would have never imagined that people would relate to me, and would also be impassioned enough to write to me and share their stories. For that, I thank you. You make this word-vomit shitfest worth continuing. Keep sharing! I’m currently working on distancing myself from relationships and the people in them that have hurt me. It’s hard, I think because you spend so much of your time trying to convince yourself that the relationship can work while ignoring what you need out of it. Thus, when it’s over, you’re left with this hole in your heart and the feeling that you have to do the work to make up for the reciprocation you never received. Self-work, essentially. Having to tell yourself that you’re pretty and smart, and worth it…because your partner never did. Or if they did, they certainly didn’t mean it.