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Scott Heywood's The FX Robot Method PDF eBook download. Feel free to share this book with your followers on Twitter. The graphs below, EUR / USD on the left and USD / MXN on the right show us the impact of Donald Trump’s announcement as the new US President on the Forex market. The first pair of currencies opposing the US dollar and the Mexican peso was the most heavily impacted currency pair. We can see that at the beginning of the day (at 00.00 Fr), the price of this currency pair was around 18.25 MXN, since Trump taken ahead of Clinton, investors worries about Mexico Reflected in the markets, the Mexican peso lost value against the USD and the price climbed to 20,80 MXN. In other words the peso lost about 14% of its value. Today the course of this currency pair has not corrected this panic and is still around the 21 MXN for $ 1. The EUR / USD currency pair was also impacted by the arrival of Donald Trump in power. The most traded currency pair on the Forex market was around $ 1,1030 before the announcement, as Trump began to take the lead little by little on these elections the price climbed to 1 , 1470 $ for 1 €, thus losing the dollar about 4% of its value. However, a correction of the price quickly took place thus greatly minimizing the impact of this election and bringing the price back to its “normal” price levels.