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Brad Browning's The Ex Factor Guide PDF ebook download. When you find out that your ex boyfriend of six years was still sleeping with you majority of last year whilst making you believe that you two were eventually going to get back together and also sleeping with an extremely close friend of yours for who knows how long, even though he bagged out this girl every time she was brought into conversation and even though this 'friend' encouraged you all of last year to get back with him and acted like such a close and supportive 'friend', you know it's time to cut ties with the both of them.


I don't know how anyone could be so dishonest. I am so disgusted and hurt and can honestly say that I have not done anything to deserve such disrespect. The more time I have to think about it, the more hurt and angrier I get and now, I have finally snapped and shouldn't feel the need to hide this either. And even now, after all of this, the last thing I could ever do to either of you is the exact thing you both did to me without hesitation. Thank you for showing me who you really are.