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The Divorce Primer Ebook PDF free download. There seems to be a bit of irony in that observation because it was two years ago life for me went all pear shaped. I could go into an overly detailed account of how life got out of sorts and the why…but what good would that do me or you, the reader, for that matter? Instead, here I am two years later beautifully blessed and still blogging! Instead of sharing an overly detailed account of these last two years, let me tell you what an over comer I am. After two surgeries, countless tests and lots of sleepless nights….I overcame cancer! After twelve years of marriage to a man who had a severe drug and alcohol addiction….I chose to walk away from an abusive marriage. After eight years of being a stay at home mom….I am working towards a career to provide for me and my three amazing children. Life is hard. Life is often unfair. Life doesn’t always make sense and in life the good guy doesn’t always win. In life being a good person doesn’t mean that good will always come to you BUT…..In life you have a choice. You can make adjustments to your sails and sail in the direction the wind is going. Or you can fight the wind; ending up exhausted and worn. I have chosen to adjust my sails. Adjust my attitude. Adjust my job prospects. Adjusts my financial situation. Adjust my relationships. Adjusting my view of God….lots and lots of adjusting! Fine tuning myself so that I can get the most out of the breeze that is carrying me. In all of these adjustments I am rediscovering myself and that is such a neat thing!! The Divorce Primer book download in PDF format.