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The Dating Apocalypse ebook PDF download by Rob Judge. When it comes to love, it seems to be all about balance. We can think, talk, analyze, elaborate hypotheses, assert, confirm, refute, the sentiment of love is the most complex one. Sometimes we think we get it, finally, we understand it, then suddenly everything is obscure again. It seems like all the efforts we put into analyzing and understanding the feeling of love are vain. Then we step back and think. Again, yes, again.


Can a miracle happen? Could love be rational? Is it all about balance? Could the brain take back control? One moment we think we are crazy and the love we feel for someone is totally out of control. The heart beats at an excessive speed. The pain is unbearable. The absence kills. The silence tortures. We feel like we are drowning. We do not eat properly for days during the first days when we realize that we are falling in love. We do not sleep properly. We do not function properly.