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The DIY Recondition Battery Guide by Craig Orell free download (.pdf). Reconditioning dead batteries? I've got a mate working on a project to recover good cells from Li-ion laptop batteries to create a battery bank capable of charging all sorts of power tools and similar stuff. I've got solar panels at home and on the roof the van. I've also got a couple of local scrap dealers that I can pick up used car batteries from cheaply. What's the general opinion of the possibility of taking old batteries and reconditioning them so they are worth more than the effort of saving them? Is it bollocks, or is it possible to create a bank of used batteries that will store solar so it's not wasted and fed back into the system, but kept for use on site? If I thought I could make use of old batteries, I'd be inclined to add more panels at home and help out a few van owning friends with reused batteries to help power their fridges etc. Any thoughts? Sure, feel free to download The DIY Recondition Battery Guide by Craig Orell to learn how to recondition old batteries and save $$$. Finally got hone, thank you Jesse for picking me up and taking me to your work and letting me chill in your truck till I found someone to pick me and my bike up. And thank you Taylor for picking me up. After messing with the bike for awhile I believe my battery is the issue it won't take a charge or jumpstart. Hooked it up to a battery checker and has no juice and won't take any charge or recondition charge..