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The Casanova Key system book by Drexel Scott  PDF free download. Must read for every single!!! Stop jumping from one relationship to another. A relationship adds nothing to your personality, it doesn't make you more of a human. Stay single and decorate your life. Stay single and build a life worth attracting people. Too many of you spend so much time finding love, whereas if you had first made yourself lovable, love will be searching for you instead. Stop being obsessive with the idea of dating!!! Love isn't even free. Nobody will love you higher than your value, so being loved is even result of how much you cultivate your single life. You feel lonely and bored at every slightest moment you're alone, yet you think someone else will come and feel fulfilled in that same place? You're ready for a relationship when you feel good about yourself, not when you're afraid to be alone, hence living through others all in the name of a relationship...!!!