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The Bounce Guide PDF program download by Momir Gataric. Feel free to learn this system now! If you know anything about Russell Westbrook, you’ll know that he was never an outstanding athlete growing up nor was he recruited heavily. In fact, the two things that stand out about Russell’s early athletic career are 1. That he got a scholarship to UCLA by a lucky occurrence (Jordan Farmar declared for the NBA draft and Coach Ben Howland had an extra scholarship) 2. And that he couldn’t dunk until his senior of high school! This is something that is almost unheard of with elite professional basketball players. What’s his secret? How did he go from being an unathletic average player to a triple-double machine and a FREAK athlete? In an interview, he actually said that he trained on his vertical jump one off-season and with specific exercises and routines became the freak of nature he is today. This shows us that even guys who aren’t naturally athletic can increase their vertical to 45+ inches. Anything is possible and Russell Westbrook is a testament to that. This story gave me a ton of inspiration and on top of that, I heard that Momir Gataric (vertical jump expert and former college basketball player with a 44-inch vert) has released the most comprehensive and in-depth vertical jump program on the internet. I’m super excited that I finally have access to it now. And I’m extremely excited to share this info with you.