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The Automatic Seduction System by Chris Sixty PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your followers on Twitter. ​I met Mitch through a horny friend six months before our date. Eve had her eye on his mate and I did her a solid. “Just entertain him,” she said. “Groans, fine whatever.” I was three months single and not ready to mingle. Eve made a beeline for the friend whose name I can’t remember. I didn’t see her for the rest of the night. I made friendly with Mitch but quickly learnt we had a mutual friend too close for comfort and clocked out of any romantic possibility. Still Mitch was a bit of a looker: tall, bearded, nice eyes, pretty suave and a smooth talker. After a few hours of chit chat we decided to call it a night and leave. Separately. In the cab home I got a text from Eve: a thumbs up emoji. I did my job as a mate, at least. Fast forward six months later, I was happily single and acting more like Eve did that night, with some success. Swiping away on Tinder, Mitch popped up. He still looked the same and I was curious so I swiped right. We started chatting instantly, he remembered me from that night and asked to go on a date. Our work schedules didn’t match up so we settled on a coffee and a walk about our area, as we lived close to one another. When I met Mitch he had changed a little. Slightly chubbier, no beard and a little older looking than I remembered, but still attractive. We walked about a kilometre and I started to wonder when this coffee was happening… or if he’d suggest food. The conversation was a little strained. I didn’t feel a connection but he liked cool stuff so was keen to know a bit more. About another kilometre into our walk, I had no idea where we were, which wasn’t the smartest position to be in on a Tinder date. He turned to me and said: “how rude would it be if I dropped you at the train station near my house and went home?” A bit surprised, I replied: “That’s pretty rude?” He laughed. I threw him a confused look, not failing to hide how agitated I was feeling. “My house is up there,” he gestured. “The train station is there,” he pointed in the opposite direction. “I’m going to cut this short as I want to go hang with my housemate,” he said. “He just texted me to say he has something funny to tell me, and I want to know what it is.” I stood there dumbfounded while he handed me a bottle of water and walked off. When I got on the train I checked the time on my phone. The date lasted 45 minutes. Short but far from sweet. At least he made sure I was hydrated for the trip home, I suppose. The only thing quicker than our date was the time it took me to unmatch him after it. Click here to download The Automatic Seduction System by Chris Sixty.