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The Arthritis Code PDF ebook download by Luis Arce. On my way home from the doctor, I was mentally preparing all of the bad foods I wanted to eat before starting a new diet on Monday. However getting home and telling my boyfriend about my Dr. appointment changed all that, he was adamant about not waiting. I was feeling awful Thursday and Friday so he gave me a break, he was just happy I was eating and while he was kind I took advantage of time in bed and watched about 6 different food documentaries. Is Saturday going to breakfast? The diet began whether I liked it or not. While my boyfriend can be a harsh critic he is my biggest supporter and is always ready to defend me against questions from both sides of our friends and family. I also reached out to my support group on FB asking how other people used diet to help ease or manage their Psoriatic Arthritis. Many did keto and many did gluten-free but I noticed a large number of gluten-free members also did dairy-free diets. Now whether you watched “What the Health”, believe the cow conspiracy, or just want to roll your eyes I could see the concern of dairy and the benefits of going dairy-free.