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Jordan White's The 60 Day Fix Diet System PDF eBook download. Feel free to share this book with your followers on Twitter. Day 1 was pretty good overall in terms of food. I really tried to focus on my nutrition and eating whole foods, even though I haven’t added that task to my list yet. With this time of year, I feel like it is especially important to pay attention to what I am eating. While splurging a few days this season is acceptable, overindulging every day will surely make the numbers on the scale creep upwards, which I’ve already seen since Thanksgiving. Emotionally, I am not doing as well. I am not in the holiday spirit. Not only am I not in the spirit, but I am short-tempered and angry. I have always had a hard time with Christmas, but as I’ve gotten older I seem to have more and more difficulty getting through the season. Last year was a different story… my family was in a crappy little hotel in Delhi, India. We had no heat, it was cold outside, my husband and two kids all had “Delhi belly,” and there was no Christmas. Even though we were at a low point of our trip, there was no holiday stress and no one really missed Christmas. I definitely prefer that situation over where I am at this year.