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The 4 Week Diet System ebook full download (.pdf). I had such good intentions. But this week didn’t go so well. This is mainly due to having a friend/colleague visit from another country. I’ve been on tour-guide duty, making sure she met the right people, saw the sites and ate at the right places. It started well. I did a good swim on Sunday and I did fit in a Freeletics workout on Wednesday morning. But the rest of the week has been pretty lazy. And I’ve been eating out and drinking alcohol. I’m trying to save money at the moment, so both of those things aren’t supposed to be on the agenda. But I guess I’m going to cut myself some slack. It was important to be there for my guest. And I’ve had a really nice week.nToday is Friday, and I’m working from home. I’m going to get a good few hours work under my belt and then do a workout later on. And I have to get up super early on Saturday to go to London for work so it’s no drinking and an early night tonight. Lots of water. You can always reset and start again. And next week is all fresh and new.