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Brian Flatt's The 3 Week Diet book free download (.pdf). So day three was not as bad as day 2. I only had a few little headache here and there but nothing like day 2. I started the day off by telling myself to help the problem today I am going to drink lots of water a cup every hour. I ended up drinking more like 2 cup every hour. That seemed to help with the headache. I wasn’t as hungry today but I was more tired! I think I got to get my protein up to help me with more energy. Since I am not having sugar I’m not drinking as much tea so my caffeine level is a lot lower as well. I’ve been telling people I’m on a diet so they don’t offer me things I shouldn’t have. I also fill them in on the whole 30 thing as well. A lot of people have heard of it and say they know someone that has lost a lot of weight from it. I do hope I lose some weight. I guess all I can do is stick to it and hope for the best. Three days down and only 27 more days to go! I can do this!!!