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The 180 Muscle Training System - PDF Download. Get free preview for Tim Ernst's training program now! Here’s what is irritating, to me anyway. When you talk to someone about exercise, especially with someone who has been active in the prescribed definition of exercise is… you know, gym junkies… they appear confused when you tell them that you hate the gym. You’re not a fan of exercise. A myriad of responses follow ranging from “Why not? It’s a great stress reliever!” to “Yeah, I do too, but you do what you got to do.” I have a hard time swallowing that. I’ve had that reaction for a long time now even though I can pinpoint various times in my life where I was in the gym to just do it. What adds to the problem is there is a lot of emphasis about going to a gym, jumping on a treadmill or some other torture… uh, I mean exercise machine to turn out 30 minutes of going nowhere! Yeah, seriously, think about it when you jump on that machine next time. Here’s another food for thought – did you know that treadmills were initially invented to be used in prison??? Yeah, shocked me too.