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Alex West's Tesla Code Secrets PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your followers on Twitter. Natural Selection may not actually be a theory, but it might be more accurately considered to be a law of nature. That is, if it states that "that which exists does so because it has not ceased to exist." A given quality which allows the entity to continue to exist might be the best "fit" given the circumstances. Humanity is a very successful expression of the universe. It is existing more and more - as an explosive and colorful expression of nature. It is my recent suspicion that when a person decides to propagate the human species - to create a family - and the most important life mission becomes to care for his or her family, the other goals and missions become aligned with nature, and with the healing of many collective wounds which linger from generations before. The children born of parents who hold their well being as the highest priority might have a much easier time enjoying their experience on earth - regardless of other circumstances. The love they learn and feel can be more easily shared with the wider whole of humanity and with nature. Their sense of worth is taught to them by the blood in their veins. Many dogmas throughout history have devalued procreation. The Malthusian dogma around human overpopulation has been perhaps the most recent of them. We see our contemporary youth exhibit some despair and judgment around reproduction with the presupposition that unsustainable acts are due to the number of people on Earth. Having children is associated with consumerism and global catastrophe. This attitude adds to a world filled with people who seek validation outside of their very beings, and so seek political and financial power at any cost. Famine and other forms of scarcity is only ever politically caused, and blaming it on overpopulation is a cop out of the fact that we really do have an abundance of resources available. Furthermore, if we ever really did reach or surpass the carrying capacity of planet earth, what a more beautiful way to catalyze a natural population barrier? If everyone found their highest priority to be the emotional, physical, and psychological well being of their children, whether current or future, the earth would exhibit an over abundance of celebrating, loving, joyful beings. This is not to say that an overpopulated world would be a pretty sight. There would be war and famine and thirst. But until the inevitable catastrophe- whatever it may be - it is better to live in a world full of purposeful, loving beings than a world exemplary of existential crisis and feelings of inadequacy. And I will venture to offend a generation which shuns and frowns upon war for any reason, but wars fought in the name of true preservation of the beloved bring meaningful, passionate deaths. The true willingness to live and die for those we love. Wars of this nature have rarely been seen outside of indigenous populations. Most likely, regardless of our attitudes about this situation (life as a human) some other catastrophe will cause the decline of our population. Until then, let there be no guilt around that which is most important and whatever time we have remaining here can be a blessing. It is a privilege to experience the miracle of a birth - to be healthy and strong enough to make it that far. Every person is wanted and cherished here. A heterosexual attraction is the voice of a future being asking to come into this world. Each of us asked to be born and our parents granted us that. Each of us belongs in this world. If we are going to continue to propagate our species anyway, we may as well do it with conviction, like we mean it.