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Ken Xiao's ebook 'Talk English' full PDF download. ✓ Please feel free to discover Ken Xiao's secret to speak English like a native just in 6 months. Hi everyone! I haven’t made like normal blogpost week ago… sorry! But I’m so happy because thursday I had my final test and now I don’t have to read tests or make homeworks! FINALLY! So I’ve been watching ”American Horror Story” Roanoke season and I like it! It’s a little bit spooky but it’s cool!. Next week I have like 2 days school and then all 9th graders have to do a work at some workplace like 5 days…  it’ll end 29.05 and then next day  we have a class trip(?). At 31.05 and 01.06 we’ll practise what we do on 9th graders ”Spring party”.