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TACFIT26 PDF eBook download by Scott Sonnon. Feel free to download this fitness guide now! With so many miles to run and elements to a balanced lifestyle, the adventure ahead can look pretty muddy and daunting. While mud will surely make its way into your shoes – there is nothing to be afraid of! The balance should be inviting and simple, not frightening or complicated. To add some context, I have yet to run an ultra marathon. That said, I have run competitively since grade school with a myriad of coaches with various approaches to the concept of running faster for longer distances, along with a handful of cycling tours and strenuous treks to remote locations. Although, once while in high school, I did run (more of a jog) 34 miles in about 7 hours. More of a fluke event, really. The goal was to move my legs the length of a marathon, and that’s about it. The 26.2 came and went as I got lost on some gravel backroads, which spit me back at home right at 34 miles.