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Surf Training Success Program by Cris Mills risk free download (pdf & video files). In the spring of 2015, about 10 days before Paul Polgar and I were headed down to El Salvador on our annual surf trip, I finally got around to looking at the surf forecast. I was immediately stunned to learn that the SWELL OF THE DECADE was going to hit Central America shortly after we arrived! We got to El Salvador on a Friday and surfed 8-10 foot waves that afternoon and double overhead plus waves the next morning. The swell continued to build all day Saturday and peaked out at 25 feet plus on Sunday, with waves breaking over the end of the pier in La Libertad, significantly damaging the pier and destroying many fishing boats. Our favored surf break, Playa Sunzal, was out of-control on Sunday and no one attempted to go out. The waves dropped a bit and cleaned up over night, and Paul and I were the first to paddle out Monday morning. For the first hour, we were the only ones out as the rest of the crew was apparently waiting to see whether or not we were going to die. At one point, I called over to Paul in the lineup to the effect that it was falling to the two Florida boys to establish that the waves were survivable. This picture is the biggest wave I managed to catch that morning, just before the others began to paddle out.