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Karl Dittmann’s The Super Profit Scalper Indicator download. Feel free to share this software with your friends on Facebook!  The methodology and style of Super Forex Trading could be suggested and likened to the Hungry Spider with tight trading parameters within minor time frames, relentlessly searching to turn a quick pip profit. Focused and locking on, capturing then dispatching their prey by closing out with another profitable session. Naturally, some Forex trades can end Negatively, some Break-Even but overall Positive targets must be achieved and upheld throughout. The Forex scalper’s insatiable dietary requirements are never entirely fulfilled until the task and day are done. Continuously the pip hunter, fastidiously prepared, extremely task motivated, on time, in tune, ready to reload and reset the trap. Power scanning through multiple currency pairs, opportunistically seeking the trader's edge. Seconds, minutes, hours spent meticulously sifting through the sands of time within the minor frames, stalking and then snapping at the heels of Forex Market Dragon, eagerly tracking and ready to hunt down the pips wherever market sentiment suddenly rises or stalls.