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Cassidy Lyon's Stroke of Genius PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Once upon a time, I was awaken by a text at 1:30 AM, this was no ordinary late night text, it was a call to arms over a friendship. Wake and fight or sleep and let 10 years go. I chose the latter (though if I’m being honest I didn’t sleep and I didn’t let it go) but I did turn to unfriending people on Facebook and archiving texts to prevent a weak moment of reconciliation. Six months to the day of this act of war, I had a dream, one that suggested the owner of the phone the text came from was seeking to reconnect and solidifying the notion that I have nothing left to give (what else would the tedium of a dream handjob represent?). And fair readers, my little psychic moment came to pass, via a message sent through Messenger. It was an apology that made me cuss aloud in my office while clients were present (which I am not sorry about so I will not apologize for, it was unprofessional but at this point who expects that from me?).