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The Spellbound Formula: Enchant Mr. Right PDF eBook by Mehow full and legal download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Purp gave me a remote and a parking space at his place! I think we are getting married now! Just kidding. We haven’t even had the exclusivity talk yet but I think that this is a good sign. Yup. I’ll take it. My therapist is applauding my chill approach. (Previously I would have required labels and an agenda of relationship milestones. Tick tock.) Reminder: I met Purp on Tinder so is is a little more traditional than Seeking Arrangement. While I’m still talking about Purp I need to share a detail! He seemed PERFECT! One thing though: He told me that he fathered a child (his ex wife stopped taking birth control without telling him) but he’s never met it so he just pays $1200 a month to carry on life as is. I don’t really care about the ethics of the choice – I just think that’s a ridiculous amount of money! Money that could be spent on me! Oh man. Fortunately for him, sex trance has set in. It’s just so mind-blowing that I may be able to overlook the baggage. I mean, I have a history too. Dirty details: He dom’d me last night. Tied me up by my ankles and wrists – my pussy spread open for him. He even left the room and made me beg for him to come back and finish me. I loooooove it. He blindfolded me too and it was sexy not knowing whether he was going to kiss my lips or rub his dick on them. He also forced me to take the magic wand until I was screaming and shaking from the longest orgasm of my life!