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David Jasmine's Songwriting Science Course PDF & Videos free download. Mupp Freek's Song of the Day's weekly look at years now moves to 1987 which represented a major shift in the music industry. Up til then, 80s music was largely categorized as innovative and bold, with even the most mainstream artists feeling free to experiment. After so many years of playing around with new technology, sounds, and songwriting methods, cliches were bound to occur and then subsequently lead to formulas. American radio stations around 1987 started to move away from "anything and everything" formats to very formulaic genre-specific ones with very rigid programming leading to situations where Every.Single.Song. on a radio station would sound just like the several that were played before it. If you didn't fall into one of these specific boxes and defied easy categorization, you lost major airplay. Even MTV, the "nation's radio station", started to divide its programming into "blocks" of different genres rather than playing a mix of varied styles mixed together. Thus began a downward spiral that the music/radio industry never fully recovered from. Thankfully, all was not lost as there were no shortage of artists who refused to compromise though one had to look a little harder to find quality music, with college/independent radio often leading the way. One such song that helped make 1987 bearable was "Heartbreak Beat" by Psychedelic Furs.