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Seven Minute Mindfulness PDF free download. I won’t say it’s anything new, but I just know that from my childhood days, I am a person who gets jealous and envious really, really fast. Anytime I see someone having things better than me, or being in a place better than me, or literally any other small thing affects me in many different ways. As many of you (or few of you), who might just accidentally stumble upon this article in my blog, the first impression you’ll have of me wouldn’t be that nice. I understand that jealousy really isn’t healthy all the time. But, for a change, may I say that it does have a bright side too? At least for me, it does lead to some nice results. Life, in general, isn’t fair to us many times. We see people reaching different heights, being someplace you want to be, even before you embark on the journey to reach there. As they break this “happy” news to you, the very first emotion that you feel is a pang of jealousy and envy, and then maybe, followed by dull and superficial contentment for them. It is bitter-sweet. You are happy for them and unhappy for yourself that you couldn’t make it there.