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Routine Writing Ebook free download (.pdf). There are few things more frustrating and disheartening for a blogger than lack of traffic. After all, why blog if you aren’t getting any engagement? Whether you have recently launched and just haven’t gotten the traffic that you want or you’ve simply hit a plateau, it stings to work hard on producing great content that goes unnoticed. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to get your numbers up. Take a few moments to check out these 12 tips for increasing traffic to your blog. The content itself, especially at 1 article a day, is not going to get anywhere near enough traffic to matter these days. You'll probably make cents, or maybe dollars on the high end, per month. Many clickbait sites, however, aren't about the content but about playing the ad industry through arbitrage and fraud. Arbitrage is all about buying traffic to your site, mainly through low quality ad networks like Taboola/Outbrain/Revcontent/Zergnet and then having enough ads on your site that you make more on the pageview by the user then you spent on the click to get them there. Some strategies include slideshows and auto-playing ads to try and milk that pageview for all it's worth. Most long-tail publishers do this and is the bulk of the "recommended links" advertising that you see around the web. Fraud is just what it sounds like and it's all about trying to load as many ads as possible without getting caught. Examples include layering 15 video ads hidden under each other or constantly reloading the same ad spot every few seconds to drive up impressions and payout. Some websites even pay other really scammy ad networks to load their site as a popup ad to try and get even more pageviews. Some pay botnets to send traffic to their site which can get pretty sophisticated (like using hidden browsers on an infected computer to browse around and click ads). You might be able to grow through arbitrage but it's not really sustainable and takes a lot of investment to get started - and you need a lot more content than 1 post per day. Fraud can earn a lot of money as some sites have made 7 figures monthly until they were caught, however you will be caught eventually, your reputation will be ruined forever (since the online/ad industry is pretty small and everyone knows each other) and you'll likely be sued or otherwise encountering some serious legal trouble. With the increasing amount of malware and crap sites out there, users are now fighting back through adblock and industry groups and governments are also starting to bring in regulation so this won't really be a viable option in the future for anyone.