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The Reflective Transformation System by Matt Sison PDF free download. Matt Sison is really the guy who other therapists go to when they have problems. I have seen him work with the most difficult cases imaginable, cases that other therapists have given up on, and he works magic. More importantly, he has done his own personal healing work; he's faced his demons. and has come out on the other side as an embodiment of love and caring, sincerity, and most of all TRUE peace. I absolutely love his new healing system, which is a synthesis of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, EFT, affirmations, yoga, meditation, martial arts and a whole lot more. He actually uses affirmations as "depth charges" which bring up the client's unconscious resistance to what is being affirmed. His system then allows access to deep-seated material for healing. We can all learn a lot from Matt, and in his new video series, he does sidebar videos explaining the subtleties and nuances of what he's doing and thinking - with actual sessions! These videos are worth their weight in gold.