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Primal Body Detox PDF ebook full download. When I got to Djibouti I had a suitcase filled with the basics. With me I brought undergarments, a bathing suit, one abaya (which is a full length outer garment) , toiletries, shorts, 4 shirts, 2 leggings, a towel and a couple of hijabs. The idea was to be as simple as possible and to buy my everyday clothes in Djibouti. I bought baatis (long dresses with beautiful prints) and shalmats (large scarfs). At first I struggled wearing the shalmats properly and I was always a little bit jealous of the women who just wore them without any effort. During my entire trip I did not had the need to buy souvenirs, instead I went on the biggest adventure of my life. Will I keep living this minimal lifestyle now that I am back? I like to say yes, I hope so. During those four mounts living out of one half-empty suitcase, taught me that I don’t need a lot of stuff. I will however always need more of good people, positive vibes, laughter and sincerity. I will never be minimal about that part of my life.