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Lisa Olson's book Pregnancy Miracle free download (.pdf). I’ve never seen any woman who gave birth have a completely flat stomach afterwards, but I’ve read the phrase “we all hear about women who give birth and have no stomach” many times in pregnancy articles. It seems strange that it’s always once removed. Has this ever actually happened? I’m fighting my impatience about (not) losing the pregnancy weight with some research-based habit forming techniques: 1) If-then statements: if the baby goes down for a morning nap, then I will work out 2) Visualize the daily work instead of the end goal: thinking about working out every day, rather than my weight goal 3) Micro-quotas: promising myself that I’ll just do the warm-up on Insanity; no pressure to finish the workout (but then, after you warm up, why not finish it?) Ug! That sounds so wholesome. Just as wholesome as my unsweetened almond milk+low-fat yogurt+protein powder+oatmeal+berries smoothie I’m drinking post-workout.