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Potential Matrix book by Michael Teoh free download (.pdf). 

We can never afford to forget to keep on smiling. Keep on smiling as bright as you can, as long as you can. We smile when we’re happy and we’re having a moment of joy which means that we’re on a vibration which will cause the matrix to weaken and also will help us attract more of that joyful moment. When we’re small, we laugh at almost everything but now just look at us. We barely do. We’ve become inhuman and we look barely alive. Like zombie. We’re kind of brain dead and there’s no joy in us or all that which surrounds us. We’re becoming a reflection of our Archon/Reptilian overlords. Life has become so sad, full of tragedy and suffering but we can still smile, Can we not? Yes, we can. We’ve walked such a long way from we be began and I don’t see us ever stopping but isn’t all this supposed to be fun instead of all cry, cry, cry and sadness. With all the black clouds hovering above all the time, life can seem meaningless but we have to remember that we cannot expect to change anything without having the right mindset.