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The Paleohacks 30 Day Challenge by Casey Thaler PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! People who like to promote the low carb, high fat, high protein diets, would like you to believe that the obesity epidemic is do to the high consumption of carbohydrates in the American diet. However that notion is not consistent with the observable facts. If you think Americans are sitting around eating doughnuts and white bread every chance they get, think again. Simply go to any buffet restaurant where people are free to pile their favorite foods on their plates and just observe what all the obese people are selecting. What they selecting mostly is meat, meat and some more meat. And don't let pizza fool you, it still just meat loaded down with cheese/fat on some white flour refined dough. And if they eat any carbs at all it's generally some french fries or mashed potatoes with loads of butter fat. Plus when the average American is considering getting his money's worth in a meal he is going to get as much meat as he can stand. You won't see anyone loading up on fruits, vegetables, and baked goods. Meat, fish, shrimp and other seafoods get the preferred spot on the American plate and on every menu. Yes Americans are eating too much processed carbohydrates, but they are eating far more of their calories in fat and proteins. So according to the paleo notion they should be getting thinner if the paleo diets were actually better for you. Click here to download 30 Day Paleo Challenge PDF. Thank you!