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One Night Stand Express book by Ryan D. free download (.pdf). For those people who dislike reading about gooey love and the feelings associated with falling in love, this post isn’t for you. Yea sure, I was once one of those people who hated and got so annoyed seeing couples happy and in-love all over social media. I even unfollowed and unfriended people because of this unknown disliking. But why? Why do many of us hate seeing people happy and in-love? From personal experience I believe it’s mainly jealously and past pain. I was jealous of these people, because I’ve been hurt in the past and I’m sure many of you have been too. I was jealous that they had found someone significant, someone who loved them wholly and truly. To me love was a myth, I thought I knew what it was and what it meant but gosh I was wrong. So I envied these people and did not want to be reminded of what I had nothing of.