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No More Cellulite System by Mercedes Vila free download (.pdf). Based on Chinese Cupping Therapy, massage cups are used for self massage in order to treat various ailments such as headaches, poor digestion, stretch marks and… cellulite. Some brands even named their cups with the “cellu” particle, implying that this does have an effect on cellulite. Does it ? Let’s see this. Cellulite is made of packets of fat-deposits that are pushed against the top layers of skin. Women’s connective tissues pattern make us more to cellulite than men. While men’s fat cells are smaller and arranged following a crisscrossed pattern, women’s fat cell expand vertically. So when female fat cells fatten, fat is pushed upwards creating the bumps. It’s all about energy balance, calories in vs calories out. If you want your body to burn fat, if you want to empty the fat cells you must burn more calories than you ingest. Either you lower your inputs (adjust your diet), or you increase your outputs (move more). In any case, this is an internal process.